İngilizce Seviye Tespit Sınavı

1) It is ________. Take your umbrella ________ you.
2) ________ she _________ her teeth three times a day?
3) That’s her over there. She _________________ a red dress and a black hat.
4) Would you like _____________ the pyramids?
5) _______ your twins ride a camel?
6) _________ people are there in your family?
7) She never _________ the truth, so we don’t ___________ her.
8) The men ______________ outside the supermarket at the moment.
9) Be _______, please. My father __________.
10) I always go jogging __________ Sunday ________ 09:30.
1) Paul __________ to Tina when I saw him.
2) Until he _________ home, she was studying her lessons.
3) Jason ____________ Amanda since he was 5 years old.
4) C: Did you see Gabson yesterday?
D: No, but I __________ him this evening.
5) They have got a huge house. They _________ be rich.
6) M: Do you like these trousers?
N: No, I prefer the black __________.
7) Have you seen ________ wallet? I can’t find it _________.
8) Crocodiles have 64 teeth, but humans have 32 teeth. Humans have __________ teeth than crocodiles.
9) She doesn’t like spending money. She is __________.
10) If we go out for the evening, my neighbour often looks _________ the children.
1) Could you tell me __________________?
2) The soldiers slept for two hours __________ the night and went for a walk ________ they had got up.
3) One of my brother’s favourite groups _________ The Beatles but I ________ it at all.
4) I was wondering ______________________?
5) The telephone ___________ by Alexander Bell. When he __________, all the phones in North America ___________ silent for one minute.
6) You must _____________ smoking in front of kids.
7) Without my children, life would not be __________ living.
8) In some countries, people don’t have to ________ if they don’t want to. It is completely ________!
9) He ________ me about her plans for the future and ________ me some questions about mine as well.
10) It is very _________ for a blind person to jump out of a diving board into a pool.
1) This meeting will be running _________ late.
2) If you don’t hurry, we __________ make it to the airport on time.
3) We read continually about global warming_____________ to virtually every significant weather event that____________ these days.
4) Carragher, ________ here for seven years, voiced his concern about the new management structures.
5) Please take __________ of all the items stocked in this room.
6) ________not spread, she might not have left.
7) We must get everything __________ by the translators so that the language is appropriate.
8) Mark’s warm and humorous personality __________ everyone at the conference.
9) I believe that Leaders must take an effort to stay open-minded and try to __________ an other person’s point of view.
10) Animals are particularly vulnerable___________________________________.
1) If he took more risks, he __________ his position at the office.
2) She _________ meeting tight deadlines.
3) A few enjoyed the exhibition but the majority were clearly _____________.
4) Although the partners seem to be in full agreement on matters of management, there is actually a ___________ difference of opinion among them.
5) Admittedly, the engineers report was relatively unimaginative, but it was on the whole __________.
6) A good article ought to be __________, that is ideas must follow one another logically and smoothly.
7) The Kodak Company now faces stiff _________ both from abroad and from rival firms at home.
8) Through the winter, the bank rates were seasonably steady, but now they have started to _________ again.
9) Owing to various advances in modern medicines , certain diseases that were seemingly incurable now ___________ treatment.
10) ____________regulate the life of a society, general and legal rules are set down in written form by the highest legislative authority of a country.
1) It ____________ true that property prices in Ireland and Spain _______by 208 and 150 per cent, respectively, since 1997.
2) The Mann-Whitney test is a procedure used in nonparametric statistics to determine________ the means of two populations are equal.
3) The hard truth is that money alone, ___________form it takes,is unlikely to solve Germany’s demographic problems.
4) They are installing a great deal of information technology;____________ the staff are quite incapable of using it.
5) _____________whether it is a work of high quality or just a wortless piece of writing.
6) _______________, but the two forms of writing are so unlike each other that they probably developed independently.
7) Mozart, who was one of the leading representatives of the “Classical” style in music, was only thirty-five _____________.
8) In the mid-1930s, ________________, unemployment dropped from over 6 million to under two hundred thousand.
9) ___________, but they provide a wonderful way to see the countryside and the wildlife.
10) In his famous work ” Novum Organum”, Francis Bacon emphasized that natural science could not advance ____________.

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